The State of Minnesota requires anyone under age 18 must attend 30 hours of classroom training before they can take their driving permit test.

Students may start driving classes at the age of 14, obtain their permit at age 15 and license at the age of 16.

To be eligible to take the road test, students must hold a permit for a minimum of 6 months and complete 6 hours of behind-the-wheel training with a licensed instructor.

Rates & Payments

Fees for 30 hours of Classroom and 6 Behind-The-Wheel hours of Instruction

$420.00 -Easy payment by Credit Card-Check or Cash

Check or Cash Payment Schedule

$160.00 – Due on the first day of class

$160.00 – Due before the last day of CLASSROOM instruction

Payment must be received before a Blue Card is issue on the last day.

$100.00 – Due on the first behind-the-wheel lesson

Each lesson consists of 3 hours in ten classroom sessions.

The student must attend all 10 sessions. Any missed sessions must be made up before a blue card will be issued.

Classroom instruction consists of videos, lectures, study guides, presentations, guest speakers (when available), and class discussions.

After students have completed their 30 hours of classroom instruction, they will receive a “Blue Card” which allows them to take a Minnesota permit test.

Behind-The-Wheel consists of 6 hours of one-on-one instruction. These lessons are broken into 3, 2 hours lessons.

Fees for 6 Hours of Behind-The-Wheel Instruction ONLY

Students 18 & under who need 6 hrs of driving lessons only
**Fees are Subject to Change

$275.00 – payment is due prior to the start of the behind the wheel lesson

Fees for 2 Hours of Behind-The-Wheel Instruction UNDER 18 years old

Students 18 & under who need driving lessons only
**Fees are Subject to Change

$110.00 – payment is due prior to the start of the behind the wheel lesson


Sartell Driving School is fully insured, bonded and licensed by the State of Minnesota.

Sartell Driving School

1090 2nd St. S
Suite C
Sartell, MN 56377

Don’t Let It EXPIRE!

Check and know the expiration date on your
temporary permit yellow slip.

The State of Minnesota is behind on sending
hard permit cards.
Don’t let your permit expire
because you miss the expiration date.


Summer 2019 Classes:
Apr 1st 6:15pm
May 2nd 6:15pm
June 3rd 9am & 1pm
June 17th 5:30pm
July 8th 9am & 1pm & 5:30pm
August 5th 9am & 1pm
August 12th 5:30pm